These are  five of the best vacation spots in Hawaii that will bring the best in all activities and fun for every vacationer to take part in.

From the first moment that vacationers walk off of the plane they will be treated with a hospitality from the local people like none they have ever seen. The islands that are offered all over Hawaii will have some of the most spectacular environments than anyone has ever experienced. By the time they leave the beautiful Island of Hawaii, they will be planning their next vacation back.

1. The Big Island of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park

Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park is the most popular destination for most vacationers. The big draws in the park are the Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes which bring in over a million people every year. Many of those visitors are photographers who want to get the best pictures for their portfolios. The sites of the volcanoes are spectacular for any camera when it can capture an eruption that is bound to happen from the Kilauea volcano, which has a habit of spewing lava on a continuous basis since 1983. Mauna Loa is the islands most immense volcano in the world.

People can take the scenic route on the eleven mile Crater Rim Drive that takes people through the Mauna Loa Summit.

2. The Oahu Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center is a cultural center that has original Polynesian Luau’s filled with exotic foods and entertainment. The Polynesian Center is located in La”ie, which is about sixty miles from the North Shore of Honolulu. The cultural center has seven different villages that consist of Samoa, Tahiti, Marquesas, Fiji, and Maori New Zealand cultures that will teach many visitors about the true Polynesian Hawaiian history.

3. Oahu Island

Oahu is the first stop in Honolulu that most vacationers make. Vacationers love Oahu for its spectacular wind surfing beach at Waikiki Beach. Honolulu is also famous for Pearl Harbor, Hanauma Bay, which also gives people some wonderful snorkeling experiences. The Makapu’u Beach area has an excellent array of marine life that can be viewed and interacted with at Sea Life Park. People can also visit the Arizona Memorial, which is rich in World War II history.

4. All that is Maui

Maui is a magical island that draws millions of people throughout the year to take part in different season activities and festivals, such as humpback whale watching in the winter, the Maui Film Festival, Writers Conference, Lahaina stage shows, and perfect dining. Maui is also great for kite boarding, wind surfing, swimming, and golfing. For the more faint at heart, there is the bungee jumping from canyons, riding a bike down a volcano, and taking a submarine down under the water. Spiritualists and healer enthusiasts can find plenty to do at Haleakala, which has been known to be one of the most natural and strongest energy centers in the United States.

5. Kauai and the Natural Wonders of the NaPali Coast

Kauai is the fourth largest island in Hawaii. The Napali Coast has some of the most stunning cliffs ever witnessed. It is a true Geologists dream. The cliffs are full of natural unspoiled beauty and wonder which encase gorgeous coral reefs, 111 miles of uncrowded golden beaches, and tropical like rain forests on the mountaintop. Speculation is that Kauai came about five million years ago by emerging from an undersea volcano. It is considered to be one of the wettest places on earth with Mt. Wai’ale’ale receiving over 450 inches of rain fall on average a year. The rain fall may only last for a few minutes or even seconds, but it casts some of the most glorious rainbows with captivating breaks of the sun shining through.