Hawaii has always been and will always be the favorite place for families to vacation together in the United States. Waikiki Beach and Oahu are two of the favorite spots in Hawaii to visit due to their beautiful beaches and excellent windsurfing opportunities. People will find many activities to keep them occupied while visiting the island of Oahu. The natural environment and exciting marine life is enough to keep Oahu on the vacation calendar for many years.

Great places to visit in Hawaii:

The Atlantis Submarine in Waikiki

Families will love taking a tour in a submarine that will take them 100 feet below the waves to look at the marine life up close and personal for forty five minutes. With sixty four seats inside the submarine, people will sit comfortably in an air conditioned submarine with large window ports to view from. People will be treated to the natural beauty of the coral reefs, sea turtles, and sea creatures that inhabit the waters. They will also experience seeing lost airplanes and shipwrecks that have been consumed by the ocean.

Castle Memorial Bishop Museum

The Bishop Museum is located inside a 16,000 square foot Castle Memorial Building that has become the new Science Adventure Center in Hawaii. The museum displays extensive amounts of high tech technology and interactive exhibits that immerse visitors in the deep history of Hawaii, volcanoes, and the Pacific Ocean. The Science Center is also known for putting on live performances, garden tours, hula dancers, storytelling, and planetarium shows.

Cirque Hawaii Extravaganza

Waikiki is a popular place for putting on multi million theatrical shows that consist of acrobatics, bungee jumping, clowns, Polynesian Warriors, trapeze acts, flying silk, skip roping, and aerial dancing in their Cirque Hawaii Extravaganza’s. For less than ninety minutes, people will be treated with shows that have a combination of grace, beauty, humor, acrobatic skills, and strength from each of its performers.

The World’s Largest Maze- Dole Plantation

In 2001, the Guinness Book of World Records decided to add the Dole Plantation as the world’s largest maze. People who visit this favorite attraction will be treated to a 20 minute two mile ride on a “Pineapple Express” train that will give them a tour of the whole plantation and garden.

Children”s Interactive Discovery Center

The Discovery Center is an interactive center for children who will enjoy the exciting opportunity to explore the center by using four out of their five senses to smell, touch, see, and hear the exhibits around them.

Hawaiian Water Park

Adventures await in this Hawaiian water park that includes speed slides where a person will free fall six stories down, mega size wave pools, body surfing, riding on two to four feet waves on an inner tube. If that type of adventuring is not enough, people can also experience going down an 800 foot continuous river on a tube cruise and lily pad walks.

Honolulu Zoo

Over 1,200 animals reside in the Honolulu zoo, including that of the Hawaiian state bird, the Nene, native forest birds, and many other exotic animals. The Honolulu zoo is also home to a zoo for children. Other places to visit are the pacific islands, take part in twilight tour programs that include Snooze in the Zoo, day camps, and Breakfast with a Keeper, as well as visiting the African Savanna.

Hawaiian Parties and Feasts

Hawaii has some of the most exciting luaus and feasts for people to attend while vacationing in Hawaii. People will enjoy being greeted with a Lei as they take part in eating the native foods, music, hula dancing, and live entertainment. The party and feast also has Kalua Pig roasting ceremony where Hawaiians really know how to eat. The pig will be dug up from an oven where it has been roasting all day in an underground oven filled with rocks.

Polynesian Open Air Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center is an open air park that fits over forty acres of land with seven different villages that will teach visitors about the native culture on the South Pacific. Vacationers will be treated to watching the Hawaiian natives climb bare foot up fifty foot trees, as well as watch them dance in fire, and watch them use plants to make jewelry, carve tiki statues, reenactments of wedding ceremonies and war dances. There will also be demonstrations for arts and crafts and canoe pageants.

Sea Life Park in Makapuu Point

Makapuu Point in Oahu is home to a popular marine attraction that has a 300,000 gallon aquarium called Sea Life Park. The aquarium includes many entertaining attractions, such as dancing dolphins, singing sea lions, sharks, stingrays, turtles and penguins performing. People can also partake in programs that will allow them to interact with stingray’s by snorkeling beside them, and swimming with dolphins. People can also feed sea lions at the Sea Lion Feeding Pool, watch the sea turtles at the Sea Turtle Lagoon, visit the Sea Bird Sanctuary, Pirate’s Lagoon, and the Hawaiian Reef Exhibit.

Hanauma Bay Marine Life Conservation

Hanauma Bay is a marine life protected conservation and underwater park that was once part of an ancient volcano. The Hanauma Bay is most notable for being a favorite spot for people who love to snorkel, swim with turtles and over 450 different types of indigenous tropical fish, as well as scuba diving expeditions.

Waikiki Aquarium of the Pacific

The Waikiki Aquarium has a large variety of beautifully colored bright exotic tropical fish, live corals, sharks, sea jellies, and endangered species of monk seals.

Famous Windsurfing on Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is most famous for windsurfing due to the spectacular waves that can be experienced in the Pacific waters. The beach is so popular that it is mostly usually crowded with vacationers who love to go canoeing, snorkeling, swimming, and surfboarding. Children can have fun in the sand by building sand castles from the soft golden sand.

Transportation on the Waikiki Trolley

People who want to get around Waikiki can take the Trolley that consists of four lines that can take visitors to all points of Oahu for visiting attractions, shopping, and dining.